LSNED - day 2

Today I learnt that I don't need to worry about Samuel's school work. He's doing great.

Just back from parents' evening and all is well in the Lee household. 10/10 :0)


  1. Yay! Give DN a sneaky squish when he's not looking!

  2. Of course, he's doing Great!! Congrats to Samuel!

  3. Oh Liz...
    I cannot believe it. Seeing this picture of Ruth, I have been to her blog too. I did not know that you two were related. How sweet is that? She is a lovely lady.

    I am thrilled that your sweet boy is doing so well in school. It is lovely when they make great grades and study hard. It is hard being a kid today. I realize that with my grandkids. Living in a big city like Phoenix there are so many problems with gangs and drugs, you just have to pray that none of your kids will fall victim to all of that. We hope we have raised them strong.

    Take care sweet friend. It is almost time for bed. It is almost 9pm here. My 3:45am comes awfully early in the morning.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. Congrats to your boy!!


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