Mince pies and anti-biotics

Samuel came home with a plate full of lovely mince pies after his Home Economics lesson on Monday. We had no idea what he'd be making as all he had to take in was a plastic tub. I have to say that the choice of recipes his HE teacher has chosen so far my nearly 3 year old nephew could make (and probably make better). They leave a lot to be desired and I'm hoping that Samuel will actually get to cook something properly when he goes back in January.
Anyway they are delicious and no tooth infection and anti-biotics will stop me eating them. Yes indeed I saw the dentist today as my gum was sore where I'd had a root canal 3 years ago and he gave me the good news that I have an infection, I need a course of anti-biotics and I'm not allowed any alcohol till I've finished them!!!!!!!!!
If I start them tomorrow I should have them finished by Christmas Eve!!

I'm hoping to get my camera back tomorrow so I can crack on with this weeks HSMSHS prompts. I'm whispering just in case it doesn't happen :0)


  1. What's up with the teeth right now? Bobs is abscessed. Hubby has one that he's almost positive is abscessed. He's going to the dentist this afternoon and will most likely get a prescription for antibiotics! Hope yours isn't too painful!!

    Whispering here, too...so hope you get your camera back tomorrow!!!!

  2. Hope you are finished them in time then Liz...ho ho ho... mince pies look 'nice'... sorry don't do mince pies, christmas cake or christmas pud!!!...x

  3. Sorry to hear about that infection ~ you and your BIL will be a right pair of druggies between now and Christmas!

  4. Love mince pies and these do look very good.
    Hope your tooth is better soon, went through a root canel this Fall and it took forever to heal.
    .......:-) Hugs

  5. Hi sweetie...So sorry to hear about the tooth. I know they are not fun when they are hurting. I have had a lot of dental done in my time, believe me. I am sorry to hear that it has had you under the weather.

    I did not see that you had came to visit my post of yesterday. You are mentioned, and I would love to share this one with you. Please pop over and read it. It is not the one from today, that is a whole other group of ladies. You are in my first group. Please stop by and read it. I think it will delight you.

    Talk to you soon sweetie. Love to see ya. So sorry you have not felt well. Country hugs...Sherry

  6. Now isn't that nice . Ready for alcohol at Christmas Eve. LOL. The mincepies look real good and good they tasted good too.

  7. Sounds like your son's HE teacher needs a good cook book... lol the mince pies look pretty, but I am not a fan of them,,, hope your tooth heals fast and with out much pain,,, have a great week.



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