Plodding along

This weekend just seemed to fly by but I think that this week and the two days next week before we finish school will be really slow. It's always the same leading up to the holidays. You seem to plod along. Still slow is good as I still have to wrap some presents, do the food shopping and buy the wine. All in between Samuel's social life and hospital appointments. The joy of motherhood :0)

Oh and I must write to Santa to tell him I've been a good girl this year. Also I need to put my most favourite things at the top of my list so he knows which ones I really want (just like we did when we were kids :0) )


  1. Try having the social life of 4 kids Liz... It's non-stop...parties, variety shows, pantos, judo ccompetitions... the list is

  2. Hi Sweetie...
    Sorry I didn't get over today. I have been swamped at work. I put up a new post tonight. I am so anxious to share it. I hope you love it. Please pop over and read it. It's a precious story full of my favorite gingers.

    Hope you are having a good day. Country hugs sweetie and much love...Sherry

  3. Hello I have popped over from Sherry's blog to say hello. I was especially interested to visit as my sister lives in Scotland....I also have a special friend in have a lovely blog and you are so creative....Hugs


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