13 December 2009

Ruth's Christmas Challenge

I finally have a camera to photo this layout. It's not my Nikon. I should get that back next week (fingers crossed).
Anyway Ruth's challenge can be seen here. This is my take on her lay out and it is Samuel's first Christmas in 1997 and in true baby tradition he found the string more exciting than the toy!! There are more photos in a pull out section, under the main picture.


  1. I love it! Where have the years gone?

  2. Oh Liz...
    How beautiful sweetie. You did an excellent job. Isn't Samuel just the cutest little thing in this picture.

    It looks like you layered some papers under the photo? I love the lettering. Oh Liz you are so talented. Your camera takes great pictures, what are you talking about. This is a great photo.
    Outstanding job as always.

    I LOVE IT... Thanks for sharing. What is the weather like there today? For you I should say this evening right? Well it is lightly sprinkling here. Cool for Phoenix. At 60 degrees. I haven't felt so well, so I am still inside this afternoon. Haven't done much all weekend outside of decorating.

    I will talk to you soon. Love ya sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. This is a darling layout. Your son is so cute, gosh, time sure flies, doesn't it??

    Here's my entry, thanks so much for sharing.