BfS - How's the New Year so far?

For me the New Year is going great. John has a new job, Samuel is doing well in school, the snow has gone, the dog is better and I've booked a holiday for the summer. The only down side so far is the insurance claim for the damage to the hall which is taking for ever to get sorted. But you can't have everything and hopefully that will be all done and dusted in the next few weeks. Lets hope the rest of the year carries on in the same way :0)


  1. New job for BIL ~ did I miss something?

  2. Not only a new year but a new decade, yours sounds wonderful Liz and I pray it continues.
    Mine has been very good, if I could only help my friend get sorted it would be perfect...Hugs

  3. It is great to hear that everything goes well. Keep it up. :))


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