BfS - Morning routine

Post one or more photos of your morning routine, like your breakfast, any transportation you use or another detail of your day before midday.

Today is slightly different as I'm still on holiday:
1. Make the bed - one of my pet hates is an unmade bed!
2. Put some washing on.
3. Morning cuppa.
4. Start ironing school shirts.
5. Off out for some messages.
6. Shirts all finished.
Now feeling very smug :0)


  1. Great montage. Loving the new template.

  2. You have accompolished more before lunch than I have in 4 days.
    Like you, I have to have my bed made each day.....I love a clean home....I have to fess up as I do have a cleaning lady and she is coming in tomorrow. I have taken my tree and decorations down so she will really be earning her money tomorrow but I know I will feel so much better when everything is sparkling and polished.......:-) Hugs


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