14 January 2010

BfS - Post an old picture

Post a picture from years ago and write something inspired by the photo.
I wasn't going to do this one but seeing as when I got home from work today and checked my sister's blog and found this delight waiting for me I thought I'd better prove to you that that photo was a one off!! This one taken 4 years later (with only marginally better hairstyles) was taken at Poulton Primary School. Which I believe has had to close in these days of cut backs!!
I loved that school. It was so old fashioned compared to primary schools of today. The bell between classes was a hand bell rung by a pupil, the stone stairs were worn away from years of use and we were made to walk up one side and down the other holding the banister in case we slipped and the Hymn sheets used to hang from a rope on the walls and were lowered every morning so we could read them. My friends and I always missed out the word Love in the hymns for a laugh :0)

As for inspired!! Well it inspired me to get a hair cut and wear my braces (retainer)!!! I'm the one on the left in the blue dress that was my absolute favourite. It was, of course, a hand me down but I didn't care it was new to me. I remember wearing that dress the day I got made a prefect (at the tender age of 11).
Aahhh memories :0)


  1. I have much better hair in this photo, and I'm sure I ended up with your dress!

  2. What a lovely picture. Good old memories, we all them .

  3. Oh this is a beautiful photo, even then one can see the love you share with your sister....hand me downs Liz, oh just try being the youngest of six, I didn't have anything new to me until I was old enough to work and purchase for my myself but looking back I wouldn't change anything.....memories that warm the heart......:-) Hugs

  4. Love seeing these pictures!!!

  5. Memories....I love them! I love your picture! What a beautiful memory.