Day 13 of 365

So here we are half way through the week already. I feel as though I've been back to work for ages instead of 3 days. Probably because I'm having to leave early to get the bus to work. The side roads in the village are still thick with ice and I'm not scraping the bottom of my car along it just to get to the main road. That plus there is no parking at work anyway as the car parks are still snowed in!! The buses started off half and hour late but today that's down to only 5 minutes so that must mean the thaw is working!! Yey!!

One drawback I've noticed from having to stand out in the cold waiting for public transport is the cold plays merry hell with your lips! That's why I need plenty of today's photo...........

** Essential **


  1. I go through two pots of lip balm every will be nice for you when you are able to drive your own vehicle to school and not have to wait for buses. Surely it will let up soon for you. Have a good day tomorrow.....:-) Hugs


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