Day 14 of 365

Everybody has one of those days where you crave something. You just have to have it. Today mine was chocolate. But not any old chocolate. Oh no. It had to be Cadbury's Dairy Milk or nothing!! I'd rather do without than eat some other brand!!!!

So what did I do the minute I got home? Yep you guessed it. I was straight over to the shop and came home with this................................Ah bliss :0)

** Enjoy **


  1. It's in short supply in our supermarket ~ your BIL is none too impressed!

  2. Oh Liz I can relate....I opened a bag or dark chocolate truffles today and have been munching away. Going to have to exercise an extra hour for this treat....:-) Hugs

  3. Nobody beats Cadbury chocolate!!!

  4. Cadbury's is delish, I love See's of California and Fannie Farmer's of Chicago too.

  5. OH that looks really yummy,, I almost licked my screen...... lol I might go and find one for me tomorrow...



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