Day 17 of 365

** It has to be the Birthday Boy in action **


  1. I love bowling! We usually go on Sunday nights in the summertime. The whole phamily! It is sooo fun!

  2. Glad he had a good time. x

  3. A great way to celebrate a birthday......:-) Hugs

  4. happy birthday to DS love bowling we used to go a lot when there was one here but it closed perhaps we need to visit the one in milton keynes

  5. Bowling! A great birthday activity!!

    13 13 13!! Ooooo! Whenever I have teenagers (probably a long time from now... since I'm still quite child-less) I've decided I'm sending them to my dad - by then, he'll have been through 6 and be quite a professional at it :) But I'm sure you dear son hasn't quite mastered the scary teenager stage yet, being so new as a teen! (maybe he never will :) Despite it all, happy 13th to him!!

  6. A great photo...

    No news on gogo ooop north but don't let that stop you....

    Nothing to stop us organising a get together.....

    Mandi xx

    (my teenager year is fast approaching and like you I can't believe that my little bundle of 'joy' is soon to be a teenager as I still look at her with the eyes of how bewildered I was when she was born not knowing what to do for the best....) Somethings never change...cos lordy knows I haven't got a clue how to deal with her now either.... :)

  7. Hi Liz
    thanks for all your lovely comments just recently it really means a lot to me!
    also Happy Birthday Samuel! i hope he has a lovely birthday,
    fliss xx


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