Day 19 of 365

** The first thing I switch on in the morning **


  1. fab love the reflection of you in the corner

  2. Me too Liz and don't you just hate it when there is no semi-skimmed

  3. Me too! Can't operate without it. In fact I would really like a teasmaid,do you still get those I wonder.

  4. Good Morning Liz sweetie...
    I am finally back up again and at'em. I have been so sick with this darn bronchitis. It really cut me down to size.

    I love this pic. So beautiful, I especially like seeing you in the pot's reflection. You and your camera, how sweet. You are already great, so I can't imagine what exceptional must look like.

    Thanks for stopping by and asking about me. I so love that someone cares. Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  5. Hey I love the photo.. great shot.


  6. I love checking your blog! I am a bit behind these days, darn pollution and sinuses do not mix well! But I wanted to wish your teenager a belated happy birthday and hope the day was excellent! They grow up too quickly. He was such a beautiful baby! Now you have to keep an eye on him with the ladies! LOL~!I love stopping by your post you have the greatest posts and I love the tea kettle!


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