Day 20 of 365

Today was the turn of the Macro lens. I love it. You can get so close to your subject. I still have to learn a bit more about focus as some pictures, today didn't come out properly.

This is the inside of one of the flowers I bought 3 weeks ago and which are still going strong in my kitchen. I don't know what they are but if they last that long I'll be buying some more!!


  1. Oh Liz Sweetie...
    How beautiful this flower is. The colors are so vibrant and such a splash of color. I love the fact that you can actually see the powder on the stamina. So beautiful. I thank you for sharing sweetie.

    I pray you, Johnathan and Samuel are well. Have you taken any walks to the castle or is still snowy?

    We had rain yesterday, it is cloudy today, and they are calling for more rain tomorrow and Friday. We need it so badly I love it.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. Love macro shots!!

  3. Awesome shot! Gotta love the macro lens! x

  4. What a beautiful shot! The beautiful bright color is incredible. I love that you shared it with all of us!

  5. That is amazing! I need to get my macro settings up to date and take some photos.
    Gorgeous flower and photo.


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