29 January 2010

Day 29 of 365

Today at school/work we had a Caribbean day to raise money for Haiti. Both staff and pupils had to wear bright colours, flowery shirts, bright trousers etc and give a donation for the charity. We only have half the school in at the moment due to the Prelim exams but we still managed to raise £500.

This is me and my friend Elaine showing off our stripey scarf and gloves. What a laugh we had trying to take this photo. I was determined to take it myself so I could say that I took all 365 pictures this year!!
I don't like close ups as they show way too many wrinkles!!!


  1. Oh Liz Sweetie...
    I love this photo. I see no wrinkles, said the little country blind lady. (I don't have my glasses on.) You both look so colorful and beautiful dressed for the Haiti fund raising event.

    I pray your weather is better there and you will be able to get out soon and enjoy your walks again. I miss my castle.

    Have a beautiful weekend. I hope to see you soon. I have an interesting post you might enjoy today.

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry

  2. That's a pretty good photo for a self-portrait!

  3. Love the colours!!!

  4. You both look great and no I don't see any wrinkles....what a wonderful thing you were doing to raise money for Haiti, I had saved money to have my main floor painted this Spring but instead decided to send it to help the Red Cross in Haiti....such a sad situation.......:-) Hugs