9 January 2010

Day 9 of 365

:: I'm trying not to take pictures of the same old thing like the village or the snow, so today I thought I'd be totally different and snap a Liquorice Wheel! John was told under no circumstance was he to eat it till I'd taken a photo. He didn't - I took the photo - and then I ate it. Seemed fair to me :0)


  1. Oh How Sweet is That...
    Liz sweetie I love it. John couldn't have it because you ate it. He is going to have to be faster next time. He fell for your story. I love this picture. I is so cute and so interesting. I love the texture in the middle. What is it? Another type of candy?

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. We are having sun and about 75 degrees today. The sun feels so nice on my aching body. I found out yesterday I have bronchitis trying to turn into pneumonia. It has been quite painful. The coughing is the worse that I have had in many years.

    Take care sweetie. I will talk to you soon. Country hugs and Much Love, Sherry

  2. Oh you cruel, cruel person, you....lol...x

  3. Great idea, liquorice reminds me of dad!

  4. Great photo and poor John, did you pick him up another when shopping. Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

  5. very fair I love liquorice wheeels

  6. I love liquorise!
    Fab photos.