Make 2010 more colourful

A few of my blogging friends are joining in with Scrap Weekly in 2010 and as my sister is a challenger I thought I'd best give it a go. The challenge for this week is as follows:
1. I encourage you to think about your goals or things your looking forward to in 2010.
2. Use up that stash you've had saved for a special occasion
3. Use a picture of yourself

My goal is simple. I want to make this year more colourful. I know some people have been describing, in one word, what they hope/want for 2010. I want more colour. I had a great 2009 and apart from the obvious - stop eating cakes and biscuits this year - I don't really need anything else. What else can instantly make you feel 100% better than a room full of colour? (apart from chocolate!!)

Anyway with all that in mind I have done my layout for the weekly challenge and as you can see if speaks for itself.

My next challenge, in this white world we have at the moment, is to find colour, somewhere, everyday (if possible).
The only things I could find today on my "look at me, I've got a snow day" walk was this red gate and sign. I had to laugh as the sign says "keep of the grass verges" . If I could find the verge......I would stay off it :0)
I was just about to get Moss's lead back on, at the end of my walk, when this little fella landed on a tree just a metre away from me and very kindly sat still while I snapped his picture. How's that for an extra bit of colour?


  1. Thanks for doing the 1st Scrap Weekly challenge ~ love it. And that's a fantastic shot of the robin ~ am definitely saving up for a digi SLR!!

  2. That shot of the robin is a cracker, love it.

  3. Oh, love that last bit of colour!!!!!!

  4. Lovely photograph and lovely LO - well done Liz...x

  5. I love every picture I see of birds and this one is so cute.
    I don't make resolutions but each year I choose a special word... My special word this year is appreciate.....really easy as each day I find at least one thing to appreciate........:-) Hugs

  6. I love the Scrap challenge! My daughter Noelle is the original scrap booking queen. I love the things she does! Those are always my very favorite gifts! Your blog is wonderful. Thank you

  7. that robin is so cool. i'd like to join in the challenge too but no printer at the mo might have to send one to work and print it off if I make it in today:)

  8. A great take on the challenge, love the patterned paper.
    Also love your idea to find colour during all this white stuff

  9. You are off to a great start getting more color in your 2010! Love your layout - that flowered paper is gorgeous!


  10. Just ask and you shall receive. Wonder what color the next few days will bring.


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