Sunday walk and Day 31 of 365

Day 31 of 365
The Fochabers boat race!!
We had hail stones again today and when they had gone off for a while we took Mossy round the "Estate" to see the neighbours! He loves the snow and was running about like something demented.
The neighbours were at home but didn't invite us in for tea!!

Maybe that had something to do with Moss tearing up and down their lawn like a bat out of hell. Mad mutt!
We're not sure why the boats are miles away from water and on the front lawn but one things for sure if it snows tonight they're going to be full of snow again in no time. Maybe they should have turned them upside down in this weather.....just a suggestion :0)


  1. Lovely photo of Mossie, so great to see him looking so well! The Chocolate terror sends him a big lick!!

  2. Happy dog.....we are buried in snow in Alberta and it is still snowing.......:-) Hugs

  3. Even though the boats were on the lawn, it did make for a good photo! You can't blame Mossie for feeling good!


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