A trip down memory lane

We had another treat today and popped along the road to Baxter's where we had breakfast. They make the most delicious pancakes that are very filling and their full Scottish breakfasts are well worth the money.
It was just a shame about the weather. More rain!! I know. We're never happy. Don't like the snow and ice and don't like the rain either (even though it gets rid of the ice!!). You watch it will be too hot in the summer and we'll moan about that too!!

Anyway......... after breakfast we stopped and had a look at the "Old fashioned Shop". Inside is a replica of the original shop opened in Fochabers in 1868. John and I were laughing at some of the old devices used for cutting cheese, shaping butter, weighing sugar etc and at all the old tins. Samuel thought it was funny that his Dad and I could remember seeing those things when we were kids. Everything nowadays is prepacked in plastic and doesn't quite have the same look.

Knife sharpeners, loose salt and huge bars of soap waiting to be cut are all out on display. There was also a bottle of Camp Coffee which we laughed at as John still drinks that today.

Old tins of sweets and chocolate, including my favourite Cadbury's. If you look closely you can just see Samuel's reflection in the back of the cabinet.

And old biscuit tins from years gone by. The packaging was all so vibrant and colourful in the "old days". I wonder what will be on display in 100 years time?


  1. These shots are great! Baxters .... am feeling homesick again!!

  2. Their afternoon tea is my favourite thing at the tearoom. Pancakes for breakfast sounds great though.

  3. What an interesting looking place. Would love to visit!

  4. That is one of the reasons I loved my visits to Scotland, the old shops and their traditional ways. Every day I say something either very old or very new....so loved it......:-) Hugs


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