Lovely paper

It's a strange thing to have favourite paper but here are two of mine at the moment. On the left is an Origami bird Samuel made me a few years ago and on the right is a little note I received in the post this morning. They are now on a wire stand on my desk so I can see them each time I'm on here


  1. Not strange at all. I'm just impressed you only have two favourites lol.

  2. Little things like this mean so much

  3. I think they are so pretty,, love the bird,, I am so amazed at how they fold them... and the heart is so pretty... and it is not strange at all,, nice way to display them and enjoy them..

    Happy Valentine's Day


  4. and they are both beautiful...Hugs

  5. I do have lots of favorites when it comes to cute paper
    and I just love to keep a lot of them since they are just too cute to handle.


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