4 March 2010

Day 63 of 365

That darn tooth!! I'm back on anti-biotics for my tooth as there still seems to be an infection. The bad news is that if these tablets don't clear it up it'll need to come out and as the roots are curved that means a trip to a specialist in Inverness. Deep joy :0(


  1. Sorry to hear that; sending you a cyber hug. xx

  2. Ugh! My sympathies!!

  3. Liz I went through the same thing a few months ago, I had to have my tooth pulled. Hope the side effects of the antibiotics are not to hard on you, they made me so ill.
    My sister lives in Evanton about 20km north of Inverness....:-) Hugs

  4. Liz...just checking in to say hello as I noticed you hadn't posted. I do hope you are well and your tooth is not bothering you.
    .......:-) Hugs

  5. I hope you feel better soon and do not need an extraction.

  6. Oh Liz Sweetie...
    I have got to tell you it is no fun. I went through the same thing, and still had to have it pulled. I am 52 years old and it was my first adult tooth to come out, and it just broke my heart. I never wanted to lose one, but with the pain that was associated with the problems from my root canal, and it not working, I decided finally just pull the darn thing out. I couldn't take the pain anymore. It took awhile to heal, with me being an insulin diabetic, but all is well sweetie, and yours will be too.

    I will be saying some prayers for you. Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry