6 March 2010

Day 64 of 365

** Apparently it's called gym equipment! **

The only thing I did with the equipment, I hasten to add, was take a photo of it. It was at the sports centre in Aberdeen where Samuel had a sports event last night.


  1. Cool.....so glad to see your post today my friend......:-) Hugs

  2. Oh My Gosh Liz...
    I wondered what all that was. I haven't seen sports equipment in years.

    I wish I could work out. When I lost the feeling in my feet from my diabetes they took a lot of things away from me, and this being one unfortunately. Now my Vitamin D levels are dangerously low, and I have to be so careful as I break bones. That is how my foot got broken last year.

    I can walk on my treadmill if someone is there spotting me, but sadly that is about all that I can do for now. I loved working out.

    Hope Samuel and John are doing well. I think of you each night when I sit down to look at my book of the castle of my dreams. It is so beautiful Liz. I still thank you so much for giving me a dream.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. LOL....that's about as far as I would go Liz....zz