Decorating time

I had originally intended to paint Samuel's room after Christmas but with John having to go away I couldn't move the furniture by myself. I'm now doing it this week as 1. The hall work isn't being done. 2. Ruth and my nephew are coming to stay next week and 3. It really needs doing. It is just going to be Magnolia with red, white and blue bedding. Very teenagerish.

Before = Pale green.

It's also a good excuse for me to put to charity all those games, books, toys etc he hasn't looked at in the last 3 years. Less is more is my motto
3 hours later = first coat finished

I hadn't realised when I started this morning just how difficult it is to paint embossed paper. I normally like plain, plastered walls, but the walls in Samuel's room are so uneven that we had to use embossed. I can see why John went to France today on business!!

Tomorrow the second and hopefully final coat.


  1. John is smart and you my friend are very is looking very nice......:-) Hugs


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