Lambing Live

:: Lambing Live BBC 2 ::
There aren't many good programmes on the TV just now but this is one of them. Kate Humble on a sheep farm in Wales waiting for 600 lambs to be born.


  1. An old farmer who lived not far from me, used to keep his small flock on my land. I used to help at lambing time and I've delivered more lambs than I care to remember ...... even saved a couple of lives too! :-)

  2. We are watching it too - with Andy recalling tales of lambs in the bottom of the rayburn etc - the joys of growing up in the countryside.

  3. Is that lamb adorable, or what? And 600 of them??? WOW!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Is it on every night, must tune in?

  5. My niece is over in Ireland at the moment helping out on a farm with the lambing! Must be amazing but very hard work being a farmer these days1


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