Back in the day....................

I haven't taken part in Pink Saturday in a long time but while I was hunting through my old photos the other week I found this!!

Oh Dear - What were we thinking? This was the end of a fortnight in Gran Canaria with the girls back in 1994. Back when we were young, single and would do anything for a laugh!! We all decided to wear these pink hats, very short pink dresses and hihg heels for the flight home to Dusseldorf. What the other passengers thought Lord only knows!! One young lad laughed as we were headed for the departure gate and said "Ha Manchester!" meaning we were on the Manchester flight (being English speaking) - we laughed too and said "Ha Ha Dusseldorf" to which he quickly stopped smiling :0)
Those were the days!!


  1. What a bunch of old slappers! Anyone you know??? Ha, ha!! x

  2. I couldn't possibly recognise anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. looks like you were having a fab time though:)


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