8 April 2010

Size matters!!

Remember these? Remember I said they were HUGE?

Well here's proof.........Samuel posed by the wheel of one so you can see just how HUGE they are.


  1. Hi Liz, it's me - Sharon!! I have tracked you through Jo's blog! You have a great blog!!! I have started one too but its not that great. I totally get you with those big dumper trucks - we have several of them going past our house now as they have started to build in that bit of land next to us - my house even rattles there is that much vibration coming from them!!
    Hope you got my message re the jewellery party tomorrow night. The woman can't make it - so its been rearranged for Friday 14 May. Hope your having a great time with your sister and nephew xxx

  2. Great picture of Samuel, will these huge trucks be there all summer........:-) Hugs