Day 139 & 140 of 365

Day 139

Apple Blossom
John's Christmas/Birthday present was a new friut tree and so far it seems to be doing OK.

Day 140

Absolute essentials
It was a trip to Aberdeen today for Samuel's long awaited orthodontic appointment. We had time to kill before going so I popped into John Lewis to stock up on my yearly Estee Lauder cosmetics. The way I look at it is...yes I know they are expensive but I don't drink, don't smoke and I go out to work so I can spend a little on me every now and again. The eye shadow was free so a bargain too!!


  1. Blimey, did you take out a bank loan to pay for all that EL??
    The apple tree is looking lovely.

  2. I used Estee Lauder for several years and only switched a few years ago to Pur Minerals which I really love.......and yes you do deserve to treat yourself....:-Hugs

  3. Ruth that's the joy of saving the £2 coins!! BTW I had a lot of them that would have been used for a GoGo weekend had we gone again this year!!


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