Still SNP

Here's how we voted in Moray.

Scottish National Party 39.7%
Conservative 26.1%
Labour 17.1%

62.2% turnout

While I'm not a supporter of an Independent Scotland I have to admit that Angus Robertson is a good MP for Moray. OK that's my politics over for another 5 years :0)


  1. 1st place was a certainity, wasn't it? Surprised by the positions of 2 & 3.

  2. Very impressed with your colour co-ordinated results Mrs Lee :)

  3. My sister likes Gordon Brown (I think because he is a Scot) I was very surprised by the outcome, i thought the conservatives would win by a much bigger margin, now me I would of voted Democrat Liberal but then I am in Canada and don't have a vote which my sister is glad of...LOL.....Hugs


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