6 May 2010

What are you reading

As my sister Ruth blogged a post today - What are you reading? I thought I'd share my current reading list.

We have -
Kisses on a Postcard - Terence Frisby (Brilliant old fashioned values - love it)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -Betty Smith (A JBP from Ruth)
The White Queen - Phillipa Gregory (started but put to one side for Photo, Snap, Shot and KoaP)
Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantle (A BIG read)
The Thirty-Nine Steps - John Buchan (Just because!)

If I ever get through them all you will be the first to know!!


  1. I picked up Kisses on a Postcard from the new books section in the library this evening - and have Wolf Hall on request but there are quite a few people on the list before me so might be some time.

  2. You should start on Wolf Hall ~ a brilliant read.

  3. Good selection of books. KoaP is a gentle read (thanks) and I have read three titles, just have to wade into Wolf Hall, but might need a rainy day so that I can make inroads into it! You will enjoy A Tree grows..... and 39 steps is nothing like the film! Try Barbara's blog for books~
    wordswordswords~ check with Ruth.

  4. I just collected my reserved copy of Kisses on a Postcard at the library today. Thank you for the recommendation, I can see it's going to be a useful idea for Father's Day/MIL's birthday.