Day 200 of 365

:: Door Stop ::
There is only one annoying thing in this house when it's warm outside. It's not the flies or wasps that come in to say hi or the noise of nearby lawnmowers. No. It's the kitchen door slamming due to the windows and doors being open.
Brainwave - buy a door stop!! Or not. Having seen the price of them locally I decided that, as it was pouring with rain yesterday, I'd have a go at making one myself.
Take - One house brick from the garden, two pieces of leftover felt, some felt flowers from a swap on UKScrappers a million years ago and some embroidery thread.

Measure the size of the brick and add half a centimeter extra all round. Draw around some chipboard letters and chain stitch in different colours. If you like add extra patterns. On back piece add felt flowers. Blanket stitch all pieces together leaving one long and one short side open to get the brick in. Pop in the brick and blanket stitch closed.

Hey Presto - one door stop that costs about £2.00 to make


  1. What a clever idea! I love it - its so cheerful :)

  2. What a simply beautiful door stop....LOL...
    You should go on the tv to dragons den immediately......
    10% royalties to me though as your life coach and advisor....

  3. I've only just seen this - what a great idea and it looks brilliant.


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