Sunday was the perfect day to take Moss for a walk around Millbuies . It was so quiet and only ruined by one fisherman in his boat shouting on his mobile phone!!! Why couldn't he leave it at home?

Now my sister is taking part in Shimelle's new class and I think the gist of it is taking your photos from different here are my attempts at that. The one above is with the camera on a low wall........

This one is me holding it down low...........

This is me trying to get the "3" rule in the shot. (i.e A top, middle and bottom and a left, centre and right in your view finder). Hope that makes sense?

and finally.... a fuzzy background!!

This probably makes no sense to anyone (me included) but it's good to shoot pictures from different angles and see what comes out.


  1. I've also been reading a few blogs and watching the LYPLYP class develop. Once schools go on holiday I plan on playing with some of the ideas too :)


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