Day 218 of 365

Yesterday saw Samuel and I take a trip to Aberdeen in search of school shoes!! Not an easy task and every year it's the same argument. "Can I have white trainers for school?" Answer..."NO". "But all my friends have white trainers and they'll laugh at me if I wear black". "Then they're not really your friends then are they?" "But Mum....." "You can have white trainers when you leave school!!" "Oh great" and so it goes all the way to Aberdeen.

In the end a compromise. Black trainers with a little bit of silver on the side. He's happy. I on the other hand am not............. Kids trainers go up to size 5 1/2 and once they go into a 6 it's classed as an adult size and the price goes up by £15.00. How many teenage boys have tiny little feet? Not too many!!

Robbing sods.
On a plus note I did manage to get school trousers with a small waist and longer leg. At last. Normally I have to get a longer leg and sew the waist in by a few inches!!


  1. I went to Sports Direct in Inverness - 2 pairs of trainers, rugby boots, revolting colour shoelaces,2 rucksacks and half a dozen T shirts for £80. No arguing from either of them although I really don't like the huge clumpy trainers that Sam chose but thats what they all seem to be wearing. Roll on the 17th!!

  2. That'll be me and your DN before I know it!

  3. I remember those days well, still they were not all

  4. Luckily I had two girls to buy shoes and uniform for, both of whom were the smallest in their class. I never had to pay adult prices - until they went to college - and then it's a different argument about what is/is not suitable for teenage girls to wear in the classroom ;)

  5. His trainers were the same price as Sport Direct but his rucksack was half price so couldn't complain.


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