Day 221 of 365

:: Clear out Time ::
Surprisingly it's done nothing but rain this morning and as such was the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe (closet) clear out. I have so many things that I've thought "I've not worn that for a while but I'll keep it just in case". (Anyone know that feeling?) Today was the day that it all went out. Blouses, jumpers, skirts shoes, bags..... the lot.

It took a while but it's now done. My clothes, John's stuff, bedding and curtains all ready for the next charity bag that comes through the door and now a tidy wardrobe too.

What's the bet that I say that 'I've got nothing to wear' when I go back to work next week?


  1. I did the same on the weekend. What was really sad there were still price tags on some and I forgot I even had them.....I'm sure someone will enjoy them. I am taking a break from shopping, no one person should have so many clothes.......:-) Hugs


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