Day 246 of 365

:: Trying some of the fruit salad the Boy made in Home Economics ::

It's in a Chinese bowl that's been in the family since we lived in Hong Kong in 1971. The three of us (me and two siblings) were given a bowl of sweets each by our Chinese cleaning lady called Ah-Lin ( not sure of the spelling!!) one Christmas.


  1. The last 2 things Sam has brought home from Home Ec were chicken noodle soup and pasta carbonara - both looked like vomit and went down the toilet!! He should stick to making toasties.

  2. I think it is great to teach the young boys how to prepare meals, and the salad looks good as well.....Hugs

  3. That's not really cooking, though, is it? His teacher needs to get her finger out! I think Ah Lin gave us those bowls when she was celebrating a traditional Chinese custom of some sort. I also think that we 3 loved the fact that she seemed to celebrate so many!


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