Day 258 of 365

Bashed and bruised after coming off his bike on his way home from school. Thankfully he's not badly hurt and I am grateful to his pal's Mum who stopped her car and gave him a lift back to school so they could phone me. His other pal took his bike back to his house for safe keeping and then dropped it back to our house later. It's nice to know that there are people about who are willing to help your family even if they don't know you.
He's got a bashed knee and face, a sprained wrist and he'll have a black eye tomorrow!! BOYS!!!


  1. That looks painful :( Hope he makes a speedy recovery

  2. Oh, the poor love! We're sending his loads of 'magic kisses'! xx

  3. Hope he's ok Liz, it looks painful! x


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