Day 270 of 365

It turns out that poor Moss is allergic to dust etc and that is what is making him itch and scratch all the time. He now has a spray and shampoo for his feet and ears so they don't drive him mad because they're so itchy. Hopefully it will stop him rolling about all over my new carpet!!

He's feeling sorry for himself just now as I took him for his booster today too.


  1. Awww shame, hope that helps sort him out. We are still waiting to find out if poor Fizzy is allergic to something.

  2. Guess what??? I am sure wee Fizzy is just coming out in sympathy with big Mossie!!! Her alergic testing has came back.....alergic to dust mites and storage mites!! Oh and milk!! That will be Fizzy's treat of getting the dregs of the cereal bowl coming to an end!!!!


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