Day 274 of 365

:: Shortbread - the only edible thing Samuel has brought home from his Home Economics class ::

I am really disappointed in the standard of teaching in HE, as bringing home uncooked scones and bread, microwaving a "Baked" potato and making hot chocolate do not, in my book, teach children how to cook properly. Samuel is so fed up with the subject he now doesn't want to take it as an option next year.
His shortbread was delicious though :0)


  1. He probably learns more watching you Liz, I think it is wonderful that he at least tried the course.
    ......:-) Hugs

  2. Thats a shame - Sam has brought home a varied selction of offerings - soups, pasta, couscous - none of which I have felt like eating although this weeks flapjack was pretty good.


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