11 October 2010

Day 278 to 284

I'm back, but I don't suppose anyone actually missed me. That's the way it goes in blogland!!
A whole week to catch up on after the electrician shut off the power without asking first and buggered up the computer. John was not a happy bunny. Any how a weeks catch up is needed in the 365 project so here goes.

Day 284 - Good old "Scotch broth"
Day 283 - Bees wax. Good for filling in the nail holes in wood.....apparently!
Day 282 - Down on the farm

Day 281 - Our wedding rings. In need of a good clean

Day 280 - Leeks for "Leek and Tattie" soup
Day 279 - Last bloom in the garden

Day 278 - A family favourite turns 100 years old


  1. I missed you! What were you doing down on the farm? x

  2. Great catch up photos. We have one last yellow rose still in bloom in our garden :)

  3. You were missed my friend. Love your photo's.....:-) Hugs