Day 314 of 365

Another recipe. Given to me today by one of the girls at work. It's the first time I've made it and it was delicious and really easy to make.

Spaghetti Salmon Primavera
Serves 2

200g (7oz) spaghetti
25g (1oz) frozen petit pois
50g (2oz) fresh asparagus tips, chopped
200ml low fat crème fraiche
1 spring onion, finely chopped
80g (3oz) smoked salmon trimmings
Ground black pepper

1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions.
2. Meanwhile, cook the peas and asparagus in boiling
Water for 1 minute. Drain.
3. Put the crème fraiche into a pan and heat gently but
do not boil. Add the spring onion, salmon, peas and
asparagus and heat until everything is warmed through.
4. Drain the spaghetti and add to the pan. Mix well together.
5. Serve immediately in warm bowls.