Quote of the weekend

Any parent of a teenager will know that they don't say a lot.............................lots of grumping, moaning and grunting but not much actual speaking.

Imagine my surprise then when on Saturday, while waiting for his flu jab, I asked Samuel about his Christmas dance at school only to have him speak to me and use a very big word for 9am on a Saturday morning!!

Mum - So when is your school dance?
S - I'm not going.
Mum - are your mates going?
S - No. It's not "mandatory" you know!!
Well that told me didn't it?


  1. Ah, hope Miss Z isn't disappointed? How did the jab go?

  2. Lol...I have a 10 and 11 year old just like that!!!

  3. Girls that age love school dances and the boys never do (or say they don't) I have to say I think your teenage son is so spot on with his friends... will be fun to watch him change his mind about girls.....:-)Hugs

  4. Lol so cute he may change his mind x

  5. My son was the same about school dances and I hate to say, he didn't go to one of his :(


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