A day to remember all those who have died in war. Not just in Britain but all around the world.
I found this poem while surfing the net and thought that even now a soldier can make something so moving while serving in a warzone.

Sgt John Norbury explains how this poem came about:

I was moved to write this following a Vigil Service on 4th Jan 2010 in Helmand Province . I have a son of my own, he is a similar age to the majority of these brave young warriors, I can only imagine what the parents, family & friends are feeling at this time in their loss.

I think when I wrote it I initially wanted for the soldier's family to read it, to know that others care.
Please take a moment in reading this, say a little prayer for those who grieve, for those who wait back home.

To those out there, reading this, take care & stay safe.

Goodbye Young Soldier

We said goodbye tonight
To a soldier whom I did not know
He did his duty well
But sadly he had to go

He did not travel this far
To leave behind family & friend
He came to do his duty.
He did not know it would be his end

His short life was just that
A soldier’s ultimate commitment he gave
This earth deserved him longer
He went too early to his grave

He is one of many heroes
Another poor young soldier
For he is not alone
No years left in which to grow older

What comfort lies for those he left
Never again to be by their side
A gallery of happy memories
And deservedly this Nation’s pride

So farewell young soldier
Whilst here you did just right
I hope your life was not a waste
Farewell young soldier, sleep tight.

Sgt John Norbury, Afghanistan, January 2010.



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