A wee story about a Chocolate Labrador

It is a well know fact, especially in the gun dog world, that Chocolate Labradors do not make good gun dogs. They can't be trained, a few of them have brain cells but most of the time there's not a lot going on between the ears (sorry Max!).
NOT SO.....................every morning on my work to work I stop at the Lollipop (crossing) lady while she helps the little ones across the road to school. There is one who Mum who likes to walk her Chocolate Lab at the same time. This puppy has got it sussed. It walks quite happily along the pavement but when it gets to the crossing it stops dead in it's tracks...................... until Mum gives him a treat then he gaily bounds across the road to the other side.
Take that Black Labs. This Chocolate puppy got all the brains :0)


  1. For one brief moment, I thought you were going to say that you'd got a Chocolate pup!

  2. Not to mention that they are gorgeous dogs Liz......:-) Hugs

  3. Aww is is so gorgeous and sounds like the lab has his training sussed x

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