3 January 2011

1 of 52

This year seeing as how I couldn't really face another marathon of 1 photo a day for a year I've opted for 52 weeks in Black and White which my SIL Barbara told me about (although after seeing the photos on flickr I don't think mine will be anywhere near as good). At least I can take a few shots each week and just post the one I like best.

I'm starting the year with a photo of pebbles on Cullen beach last week. I just put the camera (gently) on the sand and pressed the button!! Not too bad but room for improvement I think.


  1. That's a very good start ~ really atmospheric. I think I'll be posting on a Friday, as the 1st was Saturday.

  2. Great idea for a photography project - might have to join in if that's OK.

  3. Ahhhhhh see I knew you couldn't keep away from that camera for too long!! hehe
    What a great idea - gorgeous photo x

  4. Looks stunning to me might give it a go