Happy Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to my nephew.

Knowing he is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan I made him a cushion, out of felt, for his bed.

It originally just had a face but it looked a bit bare so I added the name to it. John then felt it still lacked a little something so made me some clouds!! Who knew Uncle John was so crafty?

I added the message to the back so he knows who it's from. It's my first crafting item of the year and I'm really pleased with it.

A little tag to say who made it (just to add that extra little flourish) and it was ready for the post.

Hope you have a good day.


  1. I bet he loved it! Nice job. :o)

  2. That is adorable, Liz! Just as cute as can be. Happy Birthday to your DN, too!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Can't beleive he is four already - time flies. The cushion is brilliant.

  4. He does indeed love it, as do I. Thank you very much! x

  5. Absolutely love this - almost feel like saying I like Thomas the Tank Engine so you can make me one!!! Bet he was thrilled to bits with it - is there no end to your talents woman??? :)

  6. It is lovely Liz.....:-)Hugs

  7. Fantastic - your description didn't do it justice! x


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