Partial Solar Eclipse

Samuel and I were fortunate enough to see the partial solar eclipse this morning on our way to Aberdeen. This photo was taken for the BBC in Aberdeenshire but I have to say at 9.15 this morning we had no clouds just a VERY bright sun and a tiny bit of moon!! At first we couldn't see anything as it was far too bright but John said to make a pin hole in a piece of paper and look through that. You know what? It worked and no sun blindness afterwards. Cool or what?
More info here BBC News


  1. How cool is that shot?! Absolutely no sign of the sun here this morning, so fat chance of seeing anything of the eclispe.

  2. WOW - I didn't even know there had been one today - mmmmmmmm maybe that was because I was still in my bed at 10am - going to be hard going back to work on Thursday, I'm quite used to my 10 o'clockers!!!

  3. John is so smart, who would of thought of doing that.....:-)Hugs

  4. Amazing!! Breath taking and colourful!! Hope that your day has run smoothly.

  5. Hi Liz Sweetie...
    Happy New Year and what a beautiful share today. I love this shot you captured through the lens of your camera. It is gorgeous.

    It has been cold here in the desert the last few weeks, and I want my sun back. I am not accustomed to the heat at all. I love the warmth on my bones. I need sunshine. We actually got a little today. I was SO grateful.

    I pray that you all are well. Looks like you have a whole new blog for the new year. It is SO beautiful sweet one.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Many hugs and SO much love sweetie, Sherry


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