Time for a check

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I will be the first to admit that even after being told for years that I should check my breasts, I don't. Or that should be I didn't.

After visiting my MIL (who is recovering from radiotherapy after her breast cancer op)back in October I promised her that if I was ever worried about any lumps, bumps or changes I would go and get them checked out. Who would have thought that a week after getting home I would have a lot of pain in my left boobie? I duly trogged off to the doctor who said she thought it was Fybrocystic disease but would send me for a mammogram anyway.

To cut a long story short. One mammogram and one ultrasound later and everything is OK. The doctor had told me that "Pain is good" so I wasn't too worried that it would be anything too serious but it doesn't stop you worrying yourself to death for two months!!

So ladies -Go get them checked. :0)


  1. Glad you are ok & thanks for the reminder that we know our own bodies best & to act before its too late xx

  2. Great news Liz - glad everything went ok and what a great start to 2011 for you x

  3. Oh sweetie I am so happy that all is well.....I kind of thought that is what was happening today.
    I had absolutely no pain with my lump and even when I had a mastectomy there was hardly any pain at all, strange eh! Now check your breast every month okay, if BC is found early it is so curable.

  4. Glad everything is ok. My Mum had breast cancer discovered during a routine screening, luckily it was early and they were able to treat it. It's well worth checking, although I don't always remember myself.


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