What are you reading?

I'm half way through Crow Lake by Mary Lawson and so far it's brilliant.

Canadian writer Mary Lawson's debut novel is a beautifully crafted and shimmering tale of love, death and redemption set in the eponymous Crow Lake, an isolated rural community where time has stood still. Narrated by 26-year-old Kate Morrison, we dive in and out of the troubled woman's childhood memories over the passage of a year--when she was seven and her parents were killed in a motoring accident, leaving Kate, her younger sister Bo and two older brothers Matt and Luke orphaned. The proverbial can of worms is opened for our heroine when she receives an invitation to Matt's son's 18th birthday. The successful zoologist and professor, so accustomed to dissecting everything through a microscope, must suddenly analyse her own relationship and come to terms with her past before she forsakes a future with the man she loves. She is still in turmoil over the events of that fateful summer and winter 20 years ago when the tragedy of another local family, the Pyes, spilled over into their own lives with earth-shattering consequences.


  1. Nothing for me just now ~ I'm actually stuck for something to read.
    BTW ~ you never did tell me that it had arrived safely!

  2. I have heard of this novel Liz, must put it on my list. I am close to finishing The Forgotten Garden, really enjoyed this novel but was slow to finish due to not feeling very well.....:-)Hugs

  3. Jo Nesbo's 'The Leopard', dark doings in Norway :O) Got three books on Saturday with the last of my tokens, 31 Bond Street, Where the Shadows Lie, and The Killing Place. I've also got quite a few on my TBR shelf, including Prof Brian Cox's 'Wonders of the Solar System', which has stunning images in it. And yet I still say 'I've got nothing to read'!


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