Delight's of my weekend

After reading Lucy's blog over at Attic 24 I thought I'd share some of my delights of the weekend. Not all of them will be that exciting to others but to me after a week of what can only be described as monotony they are a very welcome break.
:: Blue sky ::
After weeks of grey skies and rain it's nice to see blue skies and sunshine.
:: Peace and Quiet ::
Just me and the dog on a walk around the local "Estate". Not far from all the main road traffic but far enough to be nice and quiet.
:: Card making ::
An actual card!! Pretty basic and quick but at least I was in my craft room, crafting!!
:: Carrot Cakes ::
My attempt at making carrot cake. I Googled an easy low fat recipe but ended up with full fat topping!! These were for my friend Elaine who's birthday it was today. She was also the recipient of the above card :0):: Road Test ::
Well someone had to try them out. I couldn't take those to work untested now could I?:: Crochet 101 ::
Just some of the 95 Granny Squares I've made over the last year. Only 6 to go. Rubbish photo due to the time of day and not having much light in the living room.
:: Daffs ::
The only bit of colour in the garden which still resembles a bomb site after cutting all the ivy down. We still haven't been to the tip to get rid of all the branches!!


  1. that crochet work looks wonderful & I can't wait to see it made up :)

  2. Lovely variety in the photos. x

  3. Love your will have to give me a tutorial on that one day!! Do you think Wilma would let us do that during the next inservice?? lol :)


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