I can dream

In between the housework and blitzing the garden this weekend I had chance to look at the new Marks and Spencers catalogue and there are some absolutely, yummily, gorgeous things in there. Like these cushions. I love cushions but don't have enough sofa space to have them all.

I love all the different shades of reds that seem to be popular at the moment. Look at all that yumminess.
And this is MINE or at least it would be if I had the money. We've been looking for a new coffee table for months and haven't found one we liked. This is it........ but at £399.00 it will have to stay on the wish list.

Now I'm not bragging or anything but it looks like someone at M&S has stolen my idea for a sideboard/table!!
This is the one from the February magazine..........................
and this is mine I did when we decorated last October!!
Spooky huh?


  1. I've also been looking at those cushions, but will probably end up with new ones from Primark!


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