Samuel's soup

After months of bringing home very, very basic cooking from his Home Economics class Samuel has finally brought home something edible and delicious. They are learning the art of soup making and so far he has produced .........

Spicy Bean and Pasta soup
and Cream of Tomato
He's also made Chinese Noodle soup, but don't tell him.....I left it in the flask and the next day when John went to take the lid off, the lid shot in the air, just missed the kitchen light and his eye and spun off along the kitchen floor!! It turns out that mushrooms ferment overnight and don't like being left in flasks!! I had to tell him it was lovely......................well it smelt lovely so that must count for something. Doesn't it?


  1. About time he made some 'proper' food!

  2. This soup looks so yummy!
    Perfect on a snowy/blowy day here in Idaho:)
    Thats funny about the mushrooms in the other soup!
    Like a small soup missle going off in your kitchen:)
    Have a great day!

  3. He doesn't need to know about the flask incident! If the other two soups are anything to go by, I'm sure it was delicious too.


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