A sunny day

It's been lovely and sunny here most of the day and just the day to tidy up the garden. The pots are still full of last years dried out, spindly plants and the ivy has gone brown due to the heavy frost and snow we had last year.

While I was finishing off the ironing John went out and tidied the shed. I could hear something whirring away and thought he might be making the wooden tea-light holder he said he would make for me. No such luck. Instead he'd gotten out the electric saw and had started to chop down the ivy off the wall!!! All of it. The wall is now completely bare and the garden full of ivy roots, soil and leaves.
It will take about 5 runs to the tip to recycle that lot.
Gone was my hope of hanging out the bedding!!
Still amongst all the dead plants and muck there are signs of life. I found some Primulas hiding under some very brown leaves,

I have one miniature Daffodil that my MIL planted last time she was here
and my Bleeding Heart has spouted even with all the neglect it's had over the winter.

Isn't it amazing what is silently growing when you think everything has died?


  1. I love Primulas, such hardy little plants. We have a few daffs out just now, but all the other bulbs I planted in September 2009 are showing signs of life.

  2. You have flowers and green, how wonderful! I'm so jealous!


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