What a difference a year makes

This post is back as it disappeared on me yesterday due to problems with Blogger!!!

It's been a year since the work started on the Fochabers bypass and things are moving well. It's not due to be finished until May 2012 but if they keep going as well as they have been it could be even sooner. No more lorries and tractors rumbling past my front door, although I have to say that after nearly 5 years in this house we hardly hear the noise any more.
:: February 2010 ::
:: May 2010 ::
:: March 2011 ::


  1. Deja vu! It's great to be able to see all the progress that's been made. Wait until it's finished, you'll soon forget what it was like before.

  2. Crikey what a difference! The bypass will be finished before you know it! We should take pictures like that of the new school!!


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